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Honesty in Education

Right now, extremist Republican politicians are using lies about Critical Race Theory to ban schools from teaching an honest, accurate history. 

Two Ohio bills (HB 327 and HB 322) could ban teachers from discussing racism, sexism, prejudice, gender studies, and other so-called “divisive concepts.” Even in college.

Similar laws in other states are being used to ban books and remove important historical figures from required curriculum.

These curriculum bans are being pushed by national extremist groups. Their goal is to white-wash history and erode faith in our public schools.

We demand an honest, accurate, diverse education for Ohio kids. Stop HB 327 and HB 322. Keep politicians out of our classrooms.

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Contact these Ohio legislators

Tell them to keep politicians out of our classrooms— kill HB 327 and HB 322.

House State & Local Government Committee Chair Scott Wiggam:

  • 614-466-1474
  • Twitter: @Scott_Wiggam

House Speaker Bob Cupp:

  • 614-466-9624
  • Twitter: @SpeakerCupp

Senate President Matt Huffman:

  • 614-466-7584
  • Twitter: @MattHuffman1

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