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About Us

Ohio’s Progressive Politics and Policy Hub

Our Mission & Role


A more just and equitable society where every Ohioan can realize the American dream.


IO is a catalyst for progressive policy and grassroots activity that improves the lives of Ohio’s working families.

  • Priority: Redistricting — Ensuring fair maps and equal districts for the next decade
  • Holding Ohio politicians accountable
  • Unified messaging around issues that impact Ohio workers and families
  • Hard-hitting research and polling
  • Progressive policy strategy to influence state, local, and federal lawmaking
Innovation Ohio is Ohio’s progressive politics and policy hub.

We are a unique organization that connects the dots between advocacy, activism, and policymaking in Ohio.

We build coalitions, conduct research, and coordinate messaging campaigns around critical issues at the local, state, and federal levels. 

We’re working to improve everyday life for Ohio workers and families, create opportunities for all Ohioans, and strengthen our communities from the bottom up. 

Our diverse, all-women team is made up of professionals who have served on statewide campaigns, inside state government, in the business world, and as part of independent expenditure campaigns.

This wide range of experience is crucial. It allows us to help our allies navigate Ohio politics and fight for progressive change.