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Innovation Ohio · June 13, 2022

Desiree Tims Condemns DeWine’s Repeated Failure to ‘Do Something’ About Gun Violence

Today, Desiree Tims, President and CEO of Innovation Ohio, released the following statement condemning Governor Mike DeWine’s signature of HB 99, as well as his continued failure to address gun violence in Ohio: 

“Today, as Ohio’s deadly new permitless carry law goes into effect, Governor DeWine has further betrayed Ohio families by signing HB 99 into law.

“HB 99 — which will arm teachers and school staff with hardly any training — is going to have hugely detrimental effects on Ohio’s Black and Brown children.

“It will not make anyone safer. It will place our babies’ lives at greater risk, and Mike DeWine knows it.

“We all know the ‘good person with a gun’ argument is a myth told by the gun lobby to help them sell more guns. America just saw, by watching the devastation unfold in Uvalde, how such a flimsy argument fails in practice.

Yet Mike DeWine and Ohio’s Republican supermajority ignored teachers, parents, and police to pass HB 99 and please their donors.

“This weekend, I stood with hundreds of neighbors and friends in Dayton to show solidarity with the national #MarchForOurLives rally.

“We’ve been asking Mike DeWine to #DoSomething about gun violence for years. He has repeatedly failed us and our families.

“Shame on Mike DeWine for once again choosing politics over people.

Shame on him for choosing campaign donations over children’s lives.

“Ohioans will not forget.”

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