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Stephen Dyer · May 15, 2018

ECOT Campaign Contributions

Few individuals have been as involved in Ohio political giving than ECOT founder Bill Lager and his cohorts. Since 2000, over $2.8 million dollars in campaign contributions have flowed from ECOT-associated individuals to state and federal candidates and party committees. The overwhelming majority of these contributions went to Republicans. All this while more than $1 billion in taxpayer funds were funneled to the school over its 18-year existence. In the wake of these contributions, state officials essentially allowed the e-school to operate despite a record of poor performance. As politicians scramble to unload this tainted money, fueled by reports the FBI is investigating a “straw-donor scheme” to exceed campaign contribution limits, the issue is not likely to go away soon. As a convenience, we have summarized historical political contributions to state and federal candidates and party committees associated with ECOT. 

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