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Stephen Dyer · August 28, 2014

The Kasich Education Record

Research Overview
As school begins this week for many of Ohio’s 1.8 million school children, Innovation Ohio felt it important to remind parents and taxpayers how dramatically funding and policy have changed under Republicans, led by Gov. John Kasich. Key Findings
  • Traditional Public Schools, which educate 90% of Ohio’s kids, now receive $515 million less state funding than before Gov. Kasich took office
  • Ohio’s school funding system remains “unconstitutional” because of its over-reliance on property taxes.
  • The cost of local school levies has jumped 34% under Gov. Kasich.
  • Charter School Funding Has Increased by 27% and Charters now receive more state money per pupil than do traditional public schools.
  • Private School Vouchers have doubled under Kasich.
The findings were compiled from past Innovation Ohio reports and analysis and include new, previously unpublished findings based on publicly-available data from the Ohio Department of Education. We present the information here so that researchers and observers of Ohio’s school funding system can have access to the complete Kasich record on education funding in one location. Read the analysis. Read the press release.    

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