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Stephen Dyer · June 11, 2015

Tell Lawmakers to Pass Meaningful Charter Reform

Ohio charter schools have cost taxpayers and local schools millions and have only resulted in substandard results for our children. The state legislature has yet to pass real reform, and plans to break for summer on June 30. CharterReformPetition Sign our petition asking lawmakers to pass legislation now. Even charter school supporters recognize that reform is needed to protect our kids from a poor education and our tax dollars from misuse. Nearly every major newspaper throughout Ohio has called for reform:
“The state legislature must eliminate the poor oversight and lax rules for Ohio’s troubled charter schools.” – Cleveland Plain Dealer, Jan. 2, 2015
“Lawmakers have solid evidence that current charter-school law is broken, and credible suggestions for how to fix it.” 
“In too many cases, charter schools in low-income communities perform worse than traditional public schools that serve the same neighborhoods and promote themselves deceptively to parents.”
“Currently, the management companies often have the upper hand, to the detriment of effective oversight.”
But this isn’t enough. We need your voice to ensure that the state legislature acts. Will you sign our petition? Click here to add your name.

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