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Stephen Dyer · June 25, 2013

Stanford researchers find Ohio charter school students falling behind

On the heels of our report yesterday showing how Ohio’s leaders have decided to double down on the mostly failed Ohio charter school experiment, a report released today from Stanford University pretty well sealed the deal. In it, we see that an Ohio charter school student loses an average of 14 days in reading and 43 days in math compared with their traditional public school counterparts.
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State charter school impacts on learning gains
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That means the typical child loses nearly 3 weeks of learning in Reading and 9 weeks of learning in Math compared with what they would have learned if they had remained in a traditional public school.
Another takeaway is this: charter school improvement around the country seems to be driven, to a large extent, by closing down bad charter schools, which improved overall charter school performance. So what does Ohio’s General Assembly decide to do in its current budget? Make it harder to close charter schools.

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