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· March 15, 2011

Fact Sheet: Kasich’s Divestment in Education

Research Overview
This fact sheet offers our initial analysis of Governor Kasich’s executive budget’s impact on education. With this proposal, the state has gone from an unprecedented commitment to reduce the need for property taxes to pay for schools to an unprecedented commitment to further burden local taxpayers. At the same time, the Governor has called for a significant shift of money from public schools to private schools. In short, Governor Kasich’s budget increases local property taxes, kills jobs and abandons our children at a time when we must out-educate other states and countries to be competitive and position Ohio for long-term prosperity. Governor Kasich also further disadvantages our students from middle class and poor school districts, because we know that middle class and poor districts suffer disproportionately when the state cuts education and forces local school districts to make up the difference. Read the report (PDF). Read the press release.

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