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· June 22, 2021

These bills could end peaceful protests in Ohio. Help stop them.

**UPDATED June 24th, 2021**

Ohio’s Republican supermajority is attacking your Constitutional right to protest.

THEIR STRATEGY: Introduce bills intended to end peaceful protests. But call them “anti-riot” bills, so they sound like a good thing.

THE PROBLEM: Most of these bills are written so broadly that they would let states punish peaceful protesters and protest organizers with devastating fines and jail time. That’s their true intention.

Let’s be clear: The goal of these bills is to end peaceful protests altogether. 

One of the worst bills (HB 22) just passed the Ohio House. It’s expected to receive a vote by the entire House of Representatives this week.

Want to help stop these bills? Contact these legislators:

WHAT TO SAY (personalize this phone script/email! make it your own!) —


My name is ________. I am [basic bio about yourself]. I strongly oppose HB 22, which aims to end peaceful protests in Ohio.

I am [calling/writing] today to oppose ALL of the unAmerican anti-protest bills, but wanted to talk specifically about HB 22. It seems to be moving the fastest.

[Then tell them why the bill is so bad! Make it short and sweet -  a few paragraphs is perfect. Tell a personal story. Or explain why your job experience gives you perspective on the bills. Maybe cite statistics or studies to back up your claims]

As an Ohioan, I ask you to consider my words and vote NO on this [UnAmerican, unpatriotic, likely unconstitutional, dangerous, deeply troubling, etc.] bill.

[IF TALKING TO A STAFFER] How does the senator intend to vote?

[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL OR SENDING AN EMAIL] Please respond to let me know how you intend to vote.

Thank You.

Then share this link to spread the word about these dangerous bills.

Questions? Email Rachel Coyle:

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