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Terra Goodnight · January 22, 2024

Statehouse Preview for Jan 22, 2024: Senate to vote on HB68 veto override

The Senate is expected to vote on Wednesday to override the Governor’s veto of HB68, a bill that bans gender-affirming care and prohibits trans girls from participating in youth sports. The Governor vetoed the legislation based on input from families and experts, but the GOP-dominated legislature is determined to pursue its agenda.

In order to override the Governor’s veto, the measure requires 3/5 of the members, or 20 votes. The legislation passed in December with 24 yes votes.

New Legislation This Week

We will be keeping an eye on the following bills, introduced in the last few weeks at the Statehouse:

Senate Bill 212 (Kunze, Demora) – Online Porn – regards age verification for online pornographic material

You can always view the full list of the bills we are monitoring here.

Statehouse Meetings & Events

3:30pm – Senate Education – 1st hearing (sponsor testimony) on HB214 (public school employees) and SB205 (substance use education). Senate South Hearing Room or watch online.
1:30pm – Senate Session – Agenda TBD (expected override vote on Governor’s veto of HB68) – webcast
3:30pm – Senate Veterans & Public Safety – 3rd hearing (all testimony, possible vote) on SB148 (Firearms Purchases) and 1st hearing (sponsor testimony) on SB164 (Suicide Self-Defense Act). Senate Grant Hearing Room or watch online.

Because schedules change, every weekday morning activities are planned at the Statehouse, we post an update on Twitter. Follow the #OHLeg hashtag for more updates.

Full House Committee Schedule
Full Senate Committee Schedule
Full Ohio Channel Broadcast Schedule

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