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· June 29, 2021

Innovation Ohio Urges Gov. DeWine to Veto Dangerous Budget Items

Today, Innovation Ohio, Ohio’s leading progressive politics and policy advocacy organization, urged Governor Mike DeWine to line item veto the most harmful lines still remaining in Ohio’s operating budget bill.

“We’re grateful that minority party members were able to negotiate some deeply troubling items out of the budget, but the Republican supermajority refused to remove additional provisions from the bill that will weaken our democracy here in Ohio,” said Desiree Tims, President and CEO of Innovation Ohio

“Ohioans need Governor DeWine to veto the most extreme budget bill provisions.”

Innovation Ohio is asking Governor DeWine to veto several of the budget bill’s most damaging provisions, including:

  • A provision prohibiting election officials from working with or accepting grants from nongovernmental entities (likely including barbershops, bars, church groups, sports programs such as the Cavs, even the League of Women Voters) on voting or voter education
  • A provision allowing ONLY Republicans to intervene in lawsuits — specifically redistricting lawsuits
  • A provision abolishing the Citizen’s Education Fund, which uses donations for voter education, registration programs, & improving election facilities
  • A provision allowing medical professionals to refuse to treat anyone if it violates their “moral or religious” beliefs
  • And several additional items of concern to Ohioans

“Without Governor DeWine’s vetoes, this budget bill will devastate our ability to register and educate voters in all future elections. It will let doctors refuse to treat essentially any patient they don’t like. It could close several of our few remaining abortion providers. And it will take vital resources from our children by expanding charter schools and vouchers,” continued Tims.

TAKE ACTION: Innovation Ohio urges Ohioans to contact Governor DeWine today and tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday) to urge him to veto these troubling budget items.

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