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Terra Goodnight · February 2, 2024

Ohio Senate Race: Social Listening Report for 1/31/24

Endorsements of Bernie Moreno, discussion of who Frank Larose has taken money from and Sherrod Brown’s advocacy for Child Tax Credit bill drove the discussion online during the second half of January.

Mentions by Platform

Candidate Share of Mentions

Top Keywords

Most Shared Links


Most Engaging Tweets (most comments, likes and retweets)

#1 Donald Trump Jr – 31.1k engagements

#2 Frank Larose 5.77k engagements

#3 Vivek Ramaswamy 4.92k engagements

#4 Kristi Noem 4.74k

Top Twitter Authors (reach x frequency)

Fox News, AP, Donald Trump Jr, Bloomberg Business, Haber Turk, The Hill, Jake Tapper, Vivek Ramaswamy

Top Hashtags

#demvoice1, #OHSen,  #ResistanceBlue , #LiveBlue, #OHGOPSenateDebate, onev1, bluedot

BROADCAST (TV & RADIO) – 1,397 mentions (up 42%)

Top Stories by Reach

NEWS – 4,160  stories (down 1%)

Most Viral News Stories

REDDIT – 1,356 mentions (up 472%)

Top Subreddits

r/Ohio, r/ClevelandGuardians, r/Cleveland, r/politics, r/neoliberal, r/inthenews, r/VoteDEM

Top Keywords/phrases:

Shredded documents, wage theft, lawsuit, Guardians payroll, money, power, Frank Larose’s sugar daddy

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