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Terra Goodnight · January 15, 2024

Ohio Senate Race: Social Listening Report for 1/15/24

Activity on social media peaked on January 10 when JD Vance went after Frank LaRose for suggesting Moreno dropped out of the 2022 race and was rewarded by Trump’s endorsement in 2024. Other notable Moreno supporters like Donald Trump Jr., Mike Cernovich and Richard Grenell amplified the spat.

Mentions by Platform

Candidate Share of Mentions

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Most Engaging Tweets (most comments, likes and retweets)

#1 JD Vance – 3590 engagements

#2 Donald Trump Jr.  – 2530 engagements

#3 Frank LaRose  – 1680 engagements

#4 Donald Trump Jr. – 1610 engagements

Top Twitter Authors (reach x frequency)

Donald Trump Jr. Jack Posobiec, Leo Terrell, Richard Grenell, Mike Cernovich, Riley Gains, Lucio Quincioc

Top Hashtags

#demvoice1, #OHSen, #DemsAct, #WTPBlue #ResistanceBlue #LiveBlue #Ohio

BROADCAST (TV & RADIO) – 957 mentions (up 34%)

Top Stories by Reach

NEWS – 4160  stories (up 83%)

Most Viral News Stories

REDDIT – 234 mentions (down 61%)

Top Subreddits

r/Ohio, r/YAPms, r/thecampaigntrail, r/cannabis, r/AngryObservation, r/neoliberal, r/politics

Top Keywords/phrases:

“Campaign”, “industry executive and lobbyists”, “marijuana legalization”, “ballot”, “name”

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