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2023 Election Hub · October 12, 2023

Reproductive Freedom: Social Listening Report for 10/6/23

Below is our social listening report on the conversation around reproductive freedom for the 7-days ending October 6, 2023

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Twitter8.12k Reddit1.41kFacebook36
News1.94k Blogs84Tiktok6
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  • Ohio March for Life 
  • Ohio Supreme Court hearing on abortion 
  • Jim Jordan horrific comments on 10 year old rape survivor’s abortion

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1.97k mentions (up 43%)

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1.94k mentions (down 14%)

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1.41k mentions (up 35%)

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132k engagements: @moonwater35 “PLEASE SHARE: i just caught an ohio #obgyn sneaking to an #antichoice rally to take away reproductive rights. Dr. Lutter at Avina Womens Care”  (this video has been taken down since it was initially posted but it gained a lot of attention and the creator has posted follow-ups)

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