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Erin Ryan · February 23, 2016

Legislation: Ohio House Bill 417 – Fetal Remains

Bill: House Bill 417 (full text) Title: Fetal Remains Disposal Sponsors: Representatives McColley and Koehler Co-Sponsors: Representatives Antani, Becker, Burkley, Conditt, Retherford, Terhar, Vitale, Young, Patmon, Brinkman, and Sprague Bill Analysis: The bill requires for the disposal of fetal remains only through burial or cremation.  It would require women undergoing an abortion to decide between the two options.  The bill would require the abortion facility to document the women’s decision in her medical records.  Failure by the clinic to properly follow the law would result in a misdemeanor of the first degree. Status: The bill was introduced in the House on December 17, 2015.  It was referred to the House Health and Aging Committee on January 20, 2016.  Received Committee hearings on January 20 and 27, February 10, and April 13, 2016.  A substitute bill was reported out of Committee and passed 11-5 along party lines.  See how your legislator voted here. The substitute bill addresses the concerns that opponents raised about the original bill language creating a public record of who had abortions with the use of the fetal death certificates.  The reported bill states that the form would create a medical identification number on the consent form that would be issued.  It would not require the name or signature of the woman to be used on the form.  

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