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· May 21, 2012

Testimony on women’s health you weren’t allowed to hear

Health & Aging Committee Chairman Lynn Wachtmann
Despite three hearings on House Bill 298, a proposal to block federal funding to Planned Parenthood, House Health and Aging Committee Chairman Lynn Wachtmann has allowed only a single witness to testify on behalf of the organization and the services it provides. The remainder of the three hearings was devoted exclusively to hearing from opponents of Planned Parenthood. Now you can read for yourself the facts about Planned Parenthood and family planning that Rep. Wachtmann would prefer you didn’t hear. Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Ohio have posted an archive of¬†written testimony¬†submitted by people whose right to petition their government has so far been denied. Thirteen experts, including physicians, social workers, public health officials and advocates for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors took time away from work, came to Columbus, and sat through hours of testimony in support of the legislation, but were denied an opportunity to speak. Now you can read their words. Hopefully the bill dies a quiet death as legislators, looking toward November elections, take the summer off to campaign. If it re-emerges in the fall, we fully expect these individuals will be given an opportunity to speak to legislators who will vote on HB 298.

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