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Terra Goodnight · March 25, 2015

6-Week Abortion Ban Set For Vote Today

womanToday, legislators in the Ohio House will vote on House Bill 69, a proposal that would ban abortion after a heartbeat can be detected – as early as six weeks in many pregnancies. This action puts Ohio one step closer to being like just two other states in the entire country – North Dakota and Arkansas. In both states these laws have been ruled unconstitutional and are now tied up in costly appeals. After four hearings, HB69 passed a House committee yesterday after amendments to require emergency contraception for rape victims, provide healthcare coverage for low-income pregnant women and offer paid maternity leave were rejected. This is the third time the House has considered the so-called “Heartbeat” ban in its last three sessions. The proposal is pushed by extreme anti-abortion organizations who hope the US Supreme Court will take up the ban and use it as an excuse to overturn Roe vs. Wade. It has been opposed by Ohio Right to Life as too extreme and unlikely to survive a legal challenge. Contact your Representative and ask them to oppose HB69.

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