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Innovation Ohio · November 17, 2022

Innovation Ohio Condemns LaRose Effort to Weaken Ohioans’ Right to Citizen-Led Ballot Initiatives

COLUMBUS — Today, Desiree Tims, President and CEO of Innovation Ohio, released the following statement in vehement opposition to Secretary of State LaRose and Representative Stewart’s proposed change to Ohio’s Constitution, which would destroy majority rule for citizen-led ballot measures and weaken the power of Ohio citizens:

“When a majority of Ohioans speak, politicians and lobbyists should listen. But Frank LaRose, the man who controls Ohio’s elections, has announced his intention to significantly weaken Ohio voters’ power at the ballot box.

“We have a fundamental, constitutional right to majority rule in our elections. Columbus politicians didn’t like it when Ohio voters of all parties used ballot measures to create term limits, prevent gerrymandering, or challenge federal encroachment on our individual healthcare freedoms. 

“Now, instead of a majority of Ohio voters deciding what’s best for our state, this ridiculous proposed alteration to our constitution would allow just 41% of voters to block what the majority wants.

“In Ohio, the people should rule, not lobbyists and politicians.” 

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