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Nick Tuell · April 19, 2023

Political power-grab advances in Ohio House/Senate

Despite public outcry, GOP advances HJR1/SJR2 to floor vote

COLUMBUS — Today, Desiree Tims, President/CEO of Innovation Ohio condemned House Joint Resolution 1 (HJR1) and Senate Joint Resolution 2 (SJR2), proposed constitutional amendments that increases the passage thresholds of new amendments to 60% of the vote, up from a simple majority.  

“HJR1/SJR2 are blatant political power-grabs by special interests and corrupt politicians, which seeks to undermine our democracy and silence the voice of the people”, said Desiree Tims“We stood with Ohioans from every corner of the state to stand up and provide opposition testimony to these bills. Today, our voices were cut short, cast-aside, and ignored. This is not how democracy is supposed to work,” said Desiree Tims. “It has become clear that the only supporters of these bills are out-of-state special interests and corrupt politicians.”

Innovation Ohio is one of 225 organizations that have signed on to oppose these bills. This united coalition represents millions of everyday Ohioans who do not want their vote diminished.

“These proposed amendments would shred our Constitution as we know it, end majority rule in Ohio, and take away our right to decide what happens here by undermining the sacred principle of ‘one person, one vote,” said Desiree Tims. 

If these amendments are passed, they will undermine majority rule and give a small number of voters (just 40%) the power to block initiatives that a majority of Ohio voters support. Ohioans need to protect our freedom to determine our own future.

We call on Speaker Stephens to not advance HJR1/SJR2.

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