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· June 24, 2015

News Release: Innovation Ohio Says HJR 4 is Bad Idea


Innovation Ohio weighs in on proposal that could limit the citizen initiative process


COLUMBUS – With just one week left before the state legislature adjourns for the summer, the Ohio House is considering a resolution that could change the constitutional rules and limit the citizen initiative process. Innovation Ohio announces its opposition to House Joint Resolution 4 because of its overly broad language and the last minute nature of its potential passage. “This language is so unbelievably broad that this resolution could weaken legitimate citizen initiatives instead of truly protecting against corporate monopolies,” said Innovation Ohio President Keary McCarthy. “Changing the constitutional rules with such broad language in the last legislative minute, makes this well-intentioned idea a very bad one.”  The concept of this resolution was discussed amongst the members of the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Committee previously, but it was introduced as a joint resolution just seven days ago and has had only one committee hearing. HJR 4 is on an extraordinarily fast legislative track, with a possible vote by the Ohio House Government and Accountability Committee coming today and possible passage on the House floor tomorrow. Today is the only opportunity for public input before it potentially passes out of the Ohio House.

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 Media Contact: Erin Ryan, 440-382-2900

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