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Terra Goodnight · March 9, 2017

Take Action: Tell Congressmen Latta, Johnson to Slow Down ACA Repeal

Yesterday, House Republicans took a first step in advancing their healthcare reform plan that experts say would gut the Affordable Care Act and slash Medicaid. The goal is to rush the plan through before lawmakers’ spring break on April 8. One House committee — with yes votes from Ohio Reps. Tiberi and Renacci — adopted half of the plan. Today, another committee continues work on the other core component of the repeal. Since it was released yesterday, initial analysis of the legislation suggests that it could result in over a million Ohioans losing healthcare coverage thanks to the elimination of subsidies, a dramatic rise in insurance costs as healthy people leave the market thanks to the elimination of purchase mandates, and major cuts to the Medicaid program. As a result of lower coverage levels, the Ohio Hospital Association says 1 in 4 Ohio hospitals could close. The Congressional Budget Office has not yet “scored” the bill – a process that would estimate its impact on the federal deficit and on the number of Americans with healthcare coverage. Two Ohio representatives sit on the committee that is considering the bill today:
  • Congressman Latta (District 5) – (202) 225-6405
  • Congressman Johnson (District 6) – (202) 225-5705
If you live in District 5 or 6, call your Representative today and ask them not to vote without a CBO score and vote no if Ohioans will lose coverage.

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