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Keary McCarthy · April 13, 2016

Raising Minimum Wage In Cleveland Can Help Nearly 100,000 Working Families

 COLUMBUS – As the push for a ballot measure to increase the minimum wage in Cleveland begins, Innovation Ohio has taken a closer look at how a wage increase will impact working families and who would benefit.  The findings show that nearly 100,000 workers in Cleveland would benefit from a minimum wage increase to $15. The vast majority—96 percent—of Cleveland workers who would get a raise are 20 or older, and 7 in 10 are over the age of 30.  The report also shows that nearly one in five Cleveland workers who would see wages rise are currently relying on food stamps.
“Now is the time to consider raising the wage in Cleveland because far too many families are working but still struggling to escape poverty,” said Innovation Ohio President Keary McCarthy. “Raising the minimum wage to $15 will increase consumer spending and boost the City’s overall economic activity.” The analysis found that 44 percent of Cleveland workers who would get a raise earn at least half of their household’s income, and that 33 percent are parents. It also showed that 59 percent of Cleveland workers who would be impacted are women. “Beyond being a home care provider, I am a mother of four smart, wonderful kids,” said Cleveland resident Artheta Peters, who was interviewed for the report. Peters continued: “I usually work about 56 hours a week and have had to depend on food stamps and other services to make ends meet. Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would give my family the stability we need to cover the basic necessities.” Read the Full Report: How the Fight for $15 Strengthens Cleveland and its Workers. Innovation Ohio is a policy and advocacy non-profit based in Columbus, Ohio.
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