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Terra Goodnight · April 6, 2017

Our New Statehouse Resistance Guide

We were so busy yesterday hosting an inspiring Citizen Lobby Day at the Statehouse, we didn’t even have time to announce something really exciting that we’ve been working on. Since the election–particularly since Ohio’s lame duck Legislature passed two new restrictions on women’s reproductive rights, and bills to allow guns in preschools and banning local minimum wage increases–we’ve been asked repeatedly: “how do I find out what they’re up to at the Statehouse and do something about it?” More recently, we were inspired by the incredible response to the launch of the Indivisible Guide, a simple strategy to resist the Trump agenda developed by former Congressional staffers. Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of The Ohio Resistance Guide, a handbook for activists on how to influence lawmakers at the Ohio Statehouse. The 5-chapter guide lays out the main differences between Congress and the Ohio Legislature, identifying key tools and tactics for monitoring and influencing legislation. It also features a shout-out from the Indivisible Team. Read the guide online or download a copy at You’ll automatically be signed up for email updates when future updates and new features are added.

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