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Terra Goodnight · June 21, 2017

Medicaid Expansion: Its Critical Role in Ohio’s Addiction Crisis

With the expansion of Medicaid to low-income Ohioans, a significant new tool has been added to the toolboxes of County boards of Mental Health and Addiction Services around the state.
These agencies are on the front lines of what is an urgent and growing health crisis, providing treatment as well as prevention and recovery services. One thing that agencies around the state are finding is that, were it not for the expansion of Medicaid, they would be unable to cope with the crisis. Our latest policy brief looks at the impact of Medicaid expansion on County Boards. In it, we quote directly these agencies around the state who report that, by freeing up dollars that would otherwise go toward treatment of addicts, they are now able to provide prevention, services in our jails, and recovery supports necessary to stop the cycle of addiction. View the briefing: Medicaid Expansion: Its Critical Role in Ohio’s Addiction Crisis.

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