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· July 19, 2012

Report: Senate Bill 271 is a Wrong Number

Research Overview

Senate Bill 271 was introduced in December of 2011 and is designed to free regulated telephone carriers from their obligation under state law to provide basic landline telephone services to customers living in the territories the companies serve. It is pending in the Ohio General Assembly. After careful analysis of SB 271—including the claims made on its behalf by telephone industry spokespeople, as well as the claims those spokespeople made on behalf of the last “reform” (SB 162), enacted into law just two years ago—Innovation Ohio has concluded that the bill is unnecessary and should not become law. Instead of enacting SB 271, Innovation Ohio proposes four alternative recommendations be adopted by the Ohio General Assembly. These recommendations will ensure that all Ohio consumers retain access to lowcost basic telephone service, as well as to life-saving emergency phone service Read the report. Read the press release.

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