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Erin Ryan · February 22, 2017

Repealing the ACA would be disastrous, particularly for women. Here’s how to push back.

As Republican members of Congress continue to push forward with their plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – also known as Obamacare – there has been push back from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, advocacy groups, medical experts, and concerned citizens. The threat of a repeal is fueling many to get informed about the potential impacts of the repeal, add their voice to the conversation, and stay engaged about ways to advocate for the protection of the ACA. The repeal of the ACA would jeopardize healthcare for nearly 1 million Ohioans, and women would be hit particularly hard by the loss of the healthcare law. Before the ACA, women regularly faced discrimination in the health care industry in coverage, in pricing, and in access to care. The Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network (WPPN) – a coalition we convene of nearly 25 advocacy organizations focused on advancing policies that benefit women and families – recently released an ACA Fact Sheet to show what is at stake for women if the ACA is repealed, and provided action steps that advocates can take to help push back on the repeal efforts. This week, as Congress is on recess and members are returning home to their districts, the debate over the ACA repeal has taken center stage here in Ohio and in states across the country. There have been calls for Congress members to host town halls so that constituents have an opportunity to voice their concerns with the repeal, learn more about what a replacement plan would look like, and share stories about how they have benefited from the ACA. However, many Republican lawmakers have dodged these requests for constituent input on the matter of the ACA repeal, including Ohio’s Senator Rob Portman and Representatives Pat Tiberi and Steve Stivers. And while these members of Congress have failed to answer the call for town halls, constituents and advocacy organizations have taken it upon themselves to host their own town hall style meetings and community forums to provide a voice for those concerned with the consequences of repealing the ACA without a better replacement. Join the efforts by finding an event near you here. Here are 5 other resources to get informed, add your voice, and stay engaged: 1.) Sign up for Women’s Public Policy Network emails for alerts on ACA repeal and other legislative issues impacting women and families. 2.) Visit UHCAN Ohio’s ‘Protect our Care’ Action and Resource Center online. 3.) Watch and share ProgressOhio’s video showcasing real Ohioans stories about why the ACA is important, which they sent to members of Congress dodging town halls. 4.) Read Policy Matters Ohio’s report, Repeal of Health Law Threatens Ohio Residents:  Nearly 1 million people stand to lose coverage by 2019, on the impact the ACA repeal would have on Ohio. 5.) Find a Resistance Recess event near you.  These events are powered by the organization MoveOn.  

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