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· November 4, 2011

No on Issue 3 Committee files Elections complaint against FreedomWorks & Alliance for America’s Future

For Immediate Release Contact: Brian Rothenberg, 614-207-3237 Dale Butland, 614 783-5833
No on 3 Coalition Files Elections Complaint Against FreedomWorks & Alliance for America’s Future Cites False Statements Made in Mailer
COLUMBUS – The Vote No on Issue 3 Coalition filed an Ohio Elections Commission complaint today against the national groups FreedomWorks and Alliance for America’s Future over false statements made regarding the proposed constitutional change, Issue 3. A mailer sent by Alliance for America’s Future states, “YES on Issue 3 makes the Obamacare mandate, requiring every American to purchase health insurance, illegal in our state.” FreedomWorks sent an email with a similar sentiment, stating “…Issue 3 would outlaw Obamacare’s individual mandate.” “These simply aren’t true statements. Even Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine has made public statements that this amendment would not supersede the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on the matter,” said Brian Rothenberg, Treasurer of the Vote No on Issue 3 coalition. “If the U.S. Supreme Court says the Obama health care law is constitutional, Ohio, by referendum or anything else, can’t override that decision,” Republican Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine told the Springfield News Sun on October 24. “It is unfortunate that out of state groups have come to Ohio and spread misinformation,” said Rothenberg. “This provision will not affect the federal healthcare law or Obamacare as some call it in any way shape or form. But it will put in the Ohio Constitution provisions that will affect school immunizations, public health, workers compensation changes and even pill mill legislation because of its sloppy wording. That’s why most major newspapers, even those opposed to Obamacare, have urged a no vote on Issue 3.” Attorney Donald J. McTigue filed the complaint, which is available to view online here:

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