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Terra Goodnight · September 11, 2012

Middle Class Scorecard – Ohio House of Representatives

As the 129th General Assembly continues its long summer break and the fall elections, today we issue a scorecard grading all 99 members of the Ohio House of Representatives on 10 key votes on issues affecting Ohio’s middle class.

The results are, as you might expect, not encouraging. 25 members received an A, meaning they voted the pro-middle class position at least 90 percent of the time. Ten members got Bs, three received Cs and just two rated a D. A whopping 59 of 99 members of the Ohio House received an F. Among the measures considered in our scoring was a bill to roll back the collective bargaining rights of public workers, an anti-middle class, pro-privatization budget containing tax breaks for the wealthy and cuts to schools and local government, restrictions on voting and an array of anti-consumer legislation. Governor Kasich was more than a willing partner to the anti-middle class 59, signing eight new anti-middle class bills into law. How did your representative do? Find out. Read our complete tally of votes and scores here.

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