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· October 26, 2011

IO Report: Why Conservatives Should Oppose Issue 3

Research Summary

While most Ohioans mistakenly think the intent of Issue 3 is stopping the federal mandate to purchase health insurance, a popular aim of conservatives, our latest report outlines why we believe their support is misguided. As Ohio’s own Attorney General has acknowledged, Ohio’s constitution has no impact on the applicability of a federal law. However, far beyond taking a merely symbolic swipe at the federal law, our report shows that the language of Issue 3 contains such loosely-worded definitions that, upon examination, reveal the amendment has the potential to snag a whole host of current and future laws, dear to the heart of conservatives, rendering them unconstitutional. Our report describes a number of items in the conservative agenda that run afoul of the language of Issue 3. Among them are new laws banning certain types of abortion procedures, as well as proposals to reform or privatize the state’s workers compensation system, drug-test welfare recipients and ban human cloning. Read the report. Read the press release.

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