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Erin Ryan · April 25, 2017

Legislative Alert: US House moving forward with deceptively-named Working Families Flexibility Act

Congress is moving forward with the deceptively-named Working Families Flexibility Act (H.R. 1180/S. 801), which would result in the loss of overtime pay for millions of Americans. Tomorrow, the bill will head to the House Education and Workforce Committee for mark up and vote – and we need your help to stop it in its tracks! The legislation has been touted as a proposal that would “help” workers by allowing them to bank overtime hours instead of receiving pay. In reality, it would result in a pay cut without any guarantee of flexibility or time off. For example: under this bill, you could work extra hours and sacrifice time with your family to accrue leave for an upcoming surgery, but your employer has the right to deny your request no matter how much extra time you worked and saved. Too many American workers are already struggling to meet the demands of work and family. Instead of improving working conditions, the Working Families Flexibility Act would only give workers less flexibility, less time, and less pay.
Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to be connected with your member of Congress, and tell them that a vote for the smoke-and-mirrors proposal known as the Working Families Flexibility Act is a vote against working families. Tell them to vote NO on H.R.1180/S. 801.With your help, we will continue to push for legislation at the local, state, and federal level that will help working families. Tell your lawmakers right now that we need truly fair and family friendly policies – not ones that would do more harm than good. Here are some resources to help you understand what the bill would mean for working families:
  • The Working Families Flexibility Act Will Hurt Women and Families (read more)
  • What’s Wrong with Comp time? Ask Government Workers (read more)
  • 85 Organizations Oppose Working Families Flexibility Act Coalition Letter (read more)

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