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· May 13, 2021

Desiree Tims Condemns DeWine Decision to Reject Federal Unemployment Aid

COLUMBUS — Today, Desiree Tims, President and CEO of Innovation Ohio, released the following statement condemning Governor DeWine’s decision to reject federal unemployment aid:

“Throughout the pandemic, Ohio’s Republican supermajority has made clear they’re willing to sacrifice human lives for the economy. 

Today we learned they’re also willing to starve Ohioans out of their homes to help their donors turn a profit.

“Some politicians are claiming businesses can’t find workers because people make more on unemployment than they could at a job. They’ve convinced Governor DeWine to reject free unemployment dollars from the federal government in order to terrify Ohioans back to work.

The problem? These politicians are either misinformed or lying to you.

“In reality, many of the industries struggling to find workers tend to pay better than unemployment. Americans are probably worried about applying for jobs where they would have to work in-person during an ongoing global pandemic.
“Sadly, despite the dangers, many Ohioans have been forced to trade their safety for shamefully low pay just to feed their families during the pandemic.

During this time, employees learned that their employers and their government viewed them as disposable. Many were forced to serve clientele who ignored health orders, refused to wear masks, and placed everyone around them at risk.
“Now that the economy is starting to recover and more jobs are available, these workers can be more selective. And they should be.
“There are plenty of employers who aren’t worried about a staffing shortage. In a competitive market, many employers have learned they can attract quality staff by paying them better and offering good benefits.

The loser companies are the ones complaining. They don’t want to pay a living wage, so they’re trying to starve Ohioans into submission instead. And Ohio’s Republican supermajority is helping them do it.

“Today’s decision is another attack on hardworking Ohioans who deserve better. It’s also meddling in the free market.

Ohio politicians have managed to make a decision that’s bad for both workers AND the economy.”

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