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Terra Goodnight · February 28, 2013

Lawmakers reject efforts to put Kasich Turnpike promises in law

turnpikeYesterday, the House Finance committee had its final hearing on Governor Kasich’s Turnpike proposal. The committee, made up of 20 Republicans and 11 Democrats, rejected a series of amendments that would have included in the new law, which authorizes Turnpike borrowing to pay for projects around the state, language to freeze tolls for local trips and guarantee that 90 percent of the proceeds were spent in northern Ohio. Those are promises that were made by the Governor when he announced the plan, but that he failed to include in the bill and his administration now argues would be counterproductive. All but two GOP committee members voted to refuse to consider the amendments. As a result, the bill remains as originally proposed by the Governor without amendment, and was sent to the full House by an 18-13 vote. The 99-member House of Representatives will hold a floor debate and vote on the package (HB 51) today in its afternoon session. You can watch live online. Session starts at 1pm, but other, less controversial bills will likely be taken up first.  

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