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· August 2, 2011

“It’s either public safety cuts or 639 others.”

The impacts of Kasich’s budget continues to be felt by cities and towns as they struggle to deal with deep cuts and are faced with deciding where to make cuts to their budgets.  What is becoming clear is that Kasich’s budget will jeopardize the public safety of our communities. Noting that potential layoffs are due mainly to cuts at the state level, the city of Cincinnati is faced with the decision to eliminate police officers and firefighters, surely impacting public safety, or cut 639 jobs of clerks, engineers and sanitation workers.  This number is nearly half of all non-public safety personnel employed by the city. Cuts to either area will certainly impact the services the city offers to its residents and result in more citizens in the unemployment lines. Read the article here: Dohoney: It’s either public safety cuts or 639 others

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