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Colleen Craig · June 30, 2019

Innovation Ohio Statement on GOP Budget Failure

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 30, 2019 Contact: Michael McGovern, 937-245-1232, Columbus, OH – Today, Innovation Ohio president Janetta King released the following statement in response to the failure of Ohio’s Republican leaders to meet the budget deadline: “To miss a constitutional deadline like this is extraordinary. In the very few times it has happened in the past, it has been during a recession with divided government. Neither is true in this case. This is unprecedented under one-party rule and even more unbelievable given the rosy budget estimates. The Ohio GOP is clearly not able to get the job done. “Blowing past a constitutional deadline like this is an embarrassment and will be noticed by those who evaluate the health and stability of Ohio’s finances. This dysfunction by the party that claims to be fiscally responsible jeopardizes Ohio’s bond rating and could be very costly for Ohio’s reputation and taxpayers. “The question now is if GOP legislators will leave town and ignore the unfinished business required of them by the Ohio Constitution. Ohioans are known for our work ethic and grit—not throwing in the towel to go on vacation when there is a job to do. Gov. Mike DeWine deserves to be furious. Missing this deadline will have a significant impact on his administration and his effectiveness as a leader of the state and his party.” Founded in 2011, Innovation Ohio is a nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank that blends policy research and advocacy to fight for working families in Ohio. ###

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