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· October 12, 2011

Viral Video: SB5 supporters defend their generous pay and perks

Since IO released a report detailing the hypocrisy of some SB5 supporters, questions have been asked of some of the bill’s key backers. Two videos have gone viral recently, featuring lawmakers who voted for SB5 answering questions about why they should continue to receive generous pay and benefits while asking other public employees to sacrifice. Note the twisted logic and uncomfortable laughter. Here’s Representative Amstutz on why lawmakers are exempt from SB5: And here is House Speaker Batchelder on why employee pension contributions weren’t handled in the state budget: We think IO’s Dale Butland said it best, when releasing our report:
“Politicians who support SB 5 and Issue 2 obviously do not embarrass easily. Their shamelessness is truly breathtaking. They’re all for pay and benefit cuts, as long as those cuts apply to police, firefighters, teachers, and not to themselves. “

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