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· February 9, 2012

State of the State: Not the headlines they had in mind?

Among yesterday’s coverage of Governor Kasich’s second State of the State address, some rather interesting headlines emerged. This was the cover that some Ohioans woke up to, in one of Ohio’s most conservative papers, the Cincinnati Enquirer:
Cover of Cincinnati Enquirer, February 8, 2012 (courtesy
That headline led to a story entitled “Cows, Seinfeld ramble into Kasich’s speech: Ohio governor also talks State of the State.” Then there was this headline in the Huffington Post, which reaches a national audience: “John Kasich Parkinson’s Imitation Marks Ad Hoc Speech That Veered Off The Rails.” You have to imagine these are not the headlines Team Kasich was hoping for when they prepared for the speech. Maybe teleprompters are prepared remarks aren’t such a bad idea.

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