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· November 30, 2012

IO joins others to form Ohio Action Coalition

Ohio Action to deploy people, resources to support tax fairness in fiscal cliff debate

A new progressive organization called “The Ohio Action Coalition” was launched at a Columbus news conference today. Coalition members are a diverse group of organizations and individuals who believe that tax fairness must be the starting point for any deficit reduction deal that is struck between Congress and the President for the purpose of avoiding the so-called “fiscal cliff” looming at the end of this year. The Coalition is comprised of former Obama for America campaign workers, grass roots activists, organized labor, and a host of progressive organizations, including Innovation Ohio, America Votes-Ohio, Protect Your Care and the Small Business Majority. Joanne Pickrell will serve as State Director, and Innovation Ohio’s Dale Butland will be Communications Director.
Sara Valentine, OSU student is working on the university’s campus on behalf of Ohio Action.
Specifically, the Coalition will urge Ohio’s Congressional delegation to raise revenue by ending the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans, while extending those cuts to the 98% who earn $250,000 per year or less. To make their case, Coalition members plan to hold public events around the state, write letters to the editor and newspaper opinion columns, and use television, radio, and social media. The goal is both to influence members of Congress and to educate the public on what is at stake. Activities will commence tomorrow with three public events in Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland. Other events will follow in every corner of Ohio until an acceptable agreement is reached in Washington. Said State Director Joanne Pickrell: “President Obama has made it clear that he wants a balanced approach to deficit reduction and will not accept any deal that places a disproportionate share of the burden on middle class families and lower income individuals. First and foremost, that means more revenue must be raised from increasing tax rates on millionaires, billionaires, and other wealthy Americans. We fully agree with the President, and will do everything we can to convince our congressional delegation that Ohioans want, need and expect a fair deal.” Added Communications Director Dale Butland: “In the November election, no issue was more defining than taxes. President Obama explicitly campaigned on raising tax rates for the wealthiest 2% of taxpayers —while Mitt Romney clearly opposed the idea. Not only did a majority of voters side with the President by re-electing him, but exit polls on Election Day – as well as every major poll over the past two years – have shown that nearly 60% of Ohioans favor higher tax rates for the wealthy as part of a deficit reduction deal. We expect our congressional representatives to hear and heed the will of the people.”  

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