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2022 Election Hub · May 18, 2023

About The August Special Election

Ohioans will head to the polls on August 8 to vote on the question of how hard it should be to amend the state constitution through the citizen initiative process.

Despite eliminating August elections last year, Ohio lawmakers have changed course and scheduled a statewide vote on August 8 on a proposal that would make it harder for citizens to amend Ohio’s constitution by initiative petition.

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The timing of the August special election was designed to get ahead of a potential vote on abortion rights later this year. Advocates for reproductive rights filed over 700,000 signatures on July 5 which, if validated in sufficient number, would put an amendment on the ballot in November to protect the right to an abortion. Statehouse republicans are trying to change the results of the game to influence the outcome of important policy decisions best left to voters.

Here’s what you need to know about participating in the August election:

Key Dates

July 10 - Voter registration deadline

July 11 - Early voting begins

August 1 - Mail Ballot requests must be received

August 7 - Mail Ballots must be postmarked

August 8 - Election day

August 12 - Mail Ballots must be received

Sign up for election reminders to stay up to date as the election approaches. Your voice matters, and your vote can shape the future of Ohio.

More Information About Voting on August 8

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