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2022 Election Hub · September 18, 2022

U.S. Senate Race

Tim Ryan
JD Vance
Hometown:Niles, Ohio Middletown, Ohio
Biography:Tim Ryan has been representing the 13th district in Ohio since 2013. He has dedicated his career to public service and working for Ohioans. JD Vance is the author of “Hillbilly Elegy.” He worked as a venture capitalist in San Francisco, California before running for US Senate.
Prior employment:US House of Representatives, Representative (2003 – Present)

Ohio State Senate, State Senator (2001 – 2002)
Congressional Aide (1995 – 2000)

Robert F. Kennedy High School, High School Teacher
Vance worked at Mithril Capital Management in San Francisco.  Mithril Capital was founded and funded by Peter Thiel, a major donor to Vance’s Senate campaign.
Website: WebsiteWebsite
Social media:Facebook
On The Issues: AbortionTim Ryan voted to codify Roe v. Wade and has been an outspoken advocate for abortion rights in federal and local government. He votes against anti-choice bills in the House and opposes any restrictions to reproductive healthcare. A conservative outsider, JD Vance is an anti-choice candidate with no room for exceptions even in the case of rape or incest. Vance has stated he believes pregnancy in the case of rape or incest is an “inconvenience” and not a reason for abortion. He roots his beliefs on abortion in his idea of traditional families which involves  a married man and woman with children. Vance wants to use his time in office to make America more “pro-family”.
On The Issues: Economy and JobsTim Ryan, as a US Senator, plans on passing the PRO Act, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, expanding access to high-quality and affordable child care, and protecting the promise of a dignified retirement. He has opposed legislation from both parties that could be harmful to Ohio, such as NAFTA. Vance plans to help America’s economy by returning value to working class jobs and fighting the corporate elite. He believes in reinstating Trump’s trade policies and raising tariffs on trade with other countries. Vance argues companies that are “anti-American” should pay higher taxes for funding protests related to the Black Lives Matter movement.
On The Issues: Voting Rights and Fair ElectionsTim Ryan is a cosponsor and advocate for legislation that attempts to reverse the Citizen United decision, he wants clear disclosure of campaign spending, donations and an end to corporate influence in elections. During his time in the House, Ryan has voted for the restoration of the Voting Rights Act and worked to end partisan gerrymandering that disenfranchises Ohioans. JD Vance believes in strict voter identification laws, a single election day, and wants Ohioans to have to argue why they need absentee ballots. Vance is also a believer in “Replacement Theory”, the idea Democrats are allowing more immigration and people of color to change the electorate.
On The Issues: PolicingTim Ryan supports calls for increased police accountability and alternatives to police for people experiencing mental health issues.JD Vance is opposed to police accountability laws.
On The Issues: GunsTim Ryan supports universal background checks, red flag laws and an assault weapons ban.JD Vance is opposed to universal background checks, red flag laws and an assault weapons ban.
On The Issues: HealthcareTim Ryan supports the Affordable Care Act and expanding Medicare and Medicaid eligibility to more Ohioans.JD Vance supports the overturning of the Affordable Care Act, and does not support expanding Medicare and Medicaid eligibility.
On The Issues: ClimateTim Ryan, who helped pass President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, supports investing in clean energy and placing limits on carbon emissions. JD Vance has spoken out against President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act and its clean energy incentives, including funding that would go towards growing Ohio’s electric vehicle industry.

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