Innovation Ohio Response to Gov. DeWine’s Budget 

March 15, 2019
Innovation Ohio Response to Gov. DeWine’s Budget 
Columbus, OH – Today, Innovation Ohio president Janetta King issued the following statement in response to Gov. DeWine’s budget proposal:
“Gov. DeWine has talked a lot about investing in Ohio’s future. But for an ‘investment’ budget, this is very underwhelming. Gov. DeWine has assumed office following eight years of massive tax giveaways to the rich – leaving very little left for everyday Ohioans. Without a real discussion of new revenue, this budget cannot be viewed as a serious investment in our state.”
Founded in 2011, Innovation Ohio is a nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank that blends policy research and advocacy to fight for working families in Ohio.
Innovation Ohio’s 2019 budget priorities can be found online at: