July 31, 2015

Ohio’s charter schools spend far more on administration than public schools

Governor Kasich frequently claims to embrace school funding policies that put more money in the classroom. So a new Innovation Ohio Education Fund analysis released today may prove instructive, as it looks at how likely Ohio traditional public and charter schools are to do just that.

The IOEF analysis finds that:

  • Traditional public school districts in Ohio dedicated 11.5% of their spending to administration
  • The average charter spends over 28% on administration
  • The best charter schools spend 20.5%, while the worst spend nearly 40% on administration
  • On a per pupil basis, the worst charter schools in Ohio spend six times as much on administration
charter spending chart

Even the best charters spend more money on administration than the worst public school districts and buildings.

As a House-Senate conference committee works to finalize the state’s upcoming two-year budget, they should consider whether charters, particularly poor performing charters, are a good investment of taxpayer funds if the goal is truly to get dollars into the classroom.

Read the IOEF analysis here.


  1. George Buzzetti says:

    So let’s make more charter schools. That is what this says to me, how about you? Administrators rule along with profits as after all this is just another profit center and education is secondary to our mission and goals.

  2. Profits over people/kids/social compact then, George? Oh, you’re trolling. No one could be THAT stupid.

  3. Terra Goodnight says:

    Terry, I think George was probably being sarcastic.


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