August 29, 2015

Poll: Ohioans Reject Kasich Budget Proposals

For Immediate Release: February 15, 2013
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Poll: Ohioans Reject Kasich Budget Proposals

Innovation Ohio Says General Assembly Should Heed Voters 

COLUMBUS – Innovation Ohio, a progressive think tank headquartered in Columbus, today released the results of a poll showing that large majorities of Ohioans disagree with many of Gov. John Kasich’s key policy and budget proposals.

Among the poll’s key findings are:

  • 60% of Ohioans say public schools need more state funding to improve; 59% say Ohio is doing too little to improve the quality of public education
  • 62% say helping localities fund schools, fire and police is more important to them than reducing the state income tax
  • 62% favor raising Ohio’s severance tax on oil and natural gas to the Texas rate —and using the money to offset state budget cuts to local governments
  • 74% favor a plan to create tax incentives for energy companies to hire Ohio workers
  • 57% oppose borrowing against future Ohio Turnpike tolls in order to fund road, bridge and other infrastructure projects now

Said IO President Janetta King:

“With Gov. Kasich poised to deliver his State of the State address next week – and the Ohio General Assembly beginning its consideration of the Governor’s policy and budget proposals – we believe it’s important to know what regular Ohioans think. And, whether the issue is taxes, school funding, ‘fracking’, or the Ohio Turnpike, it’s clear that most Ohioans simply don’t agree with their Governor. Innovation Ohio stands ready to assist our elected office-holders in crafting policies more in tune with what Ohioans want.”






  1. Dr. Francine C. Childs says:

    I am ashamed to live in a State where the Governor is so selfish and inconsiderate of poor and low income individuals. Furthermore, it is unGodly and unhumane to take
    Money ftom poor public schools and increase funding got private schools.
    In southeastern Ohio and other poor areas jobs are being ttansferred to other areas. We must. not allow this ineffective governor to tun again for any other office. We need to flood the State House by the hundred thousands.Enough is Enough!
    Francine C. Childs.
    Athens, Ohio 45701

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