August 30, 2015

Kasich cuts lead to $1.1 billion in new school levies

Research Overview

Governor Kasich’s first two-year budget cut funding to education by $1.8 billion over the previous two year period. Administration critics have repeatedly said that a cut of this size would hobble school districts and shift responsibility for adequate school funding from the state to local taxpayers in the form of higher property and/or income taxes.

Though the data was difficult to uncover, Innovation Ohio has succeeded in calculating the number of “new money” levies appearing on local ballots since Gov. Kasich introduced his budget in March, 2011. The numbers are staggering.

Since May 2011, Ohio voters have considered an unprecedented $1.1 billion in new property and income taxes for schools. Voters passed just over 40% of that amount, approving school levies equal to $487 million in new taxes.


  1. Mark Dubis says:

    School districts will always need more money. They need to work smarter, use technology and consider consolidating school districts within counties to save repetitive overhead costs. They need to offer remote learning options in high school so students have the option to take certain classes online, We have a 200 year old education system training students for jobs that don’t exist, and when they graduate high school they still don’t know how to balance a checkbook, compute their taxes or calculate a monthly budget.


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