August 2, 2015

SB 5 Supporter Perks- Kasich Staff

SB 5 Supporter Perks- Kasich Staff


  1. Quite a few mke a lot less than teachers who work for only 9 months.

    • I have got news for you, most teachers put in between fifty and sixty hours a week.  Teachers work about 170 days during a school year, that includes days before official school and after school ends for the students.  Hours would be 1,700 hours of work if the teacher works 50 hours per week.  If a worker gets fourteen days vacation, seven days for holidays and works no overtime, he works 1,920 hours.  Teachers are expected to do a lot free time work for the school on top of teaching.  The football games, dances and special meetings with parents are all outside of teaching hours, not paid but expected activity.  I would say the average teacher ends up working about as much as the average worker.

      Teachers get fewer sick days and no vacation or holiday pay.

      If the average worker had to have at least a bachelors degree and take courses at their own expense and without pay, do you think they would meet these requirements.

      Imagine having twenty to sixty children in a class all day with half not giving a damn about school or discipline.  Would you put up with other people’s kids without going Postal?

      • And they can retire early with a hefty pension.

        • Sdistario3992 says:

          What’s your point, Bill?  Are you going to pop up with some uniformed comment every time someone gives you a logical and reasonable response?  If teachers have it so good, then why is there a shortage?  Why don’t you go to college and get one of these cushy jobs.  It can’t be that hard, can it?   All they do is sit there in front of class all day, nights and weekends free, summers off–that’s the life, isn’t it?  Vacations in the Bahamas and a new car every year.   Retire to the Cayman Islands.  Teachers live better than investment bankers and rock stars.   Sign me up!

          • Unless most teachers are married, they find summer jobs to work. I myself work for a school system. I work 12 months a year as a custodian. Unless we take a vacation we work all summer stripping and waxing floors, washing windows,
            washing every piece of furniture, scrubbing carpets. During the school year we clean up urine, vomet, blood, and feces.  We are expected to baby sit sick kids that parents drop off at school after they throw up in the car. “DO NOT TELL ME WE DON”T EARN OUR PAY SIR OR MAM” until yiou visit a school for a day and observe what really goes on behind school doors. I challenge each and every parent that does’nt go to their childs conference at all, I challenge every school board member who does’nt even know what goes on behind school doors, I challenge even every school superintendent who has more important things to do than find out what goaes on behind school doors. I even challenge that clown govenor we have here in Ohio to visit a few schools. I am tired of being told I don’t earn my money. I earn it more than most politicians eran a penny of theirs.
            signed by    a person proud to say I work at a school!!!

          • You forgot to mention to Bill how all of our students are very respectful and address us as Ma’am and Sir, are eager  to learn, come to school with paper and pencils, and all have parents that support us and make sure their children are doing homework, eating breakfast, and listening and participating in class.  

        • Nothing like the pensions that those in government enjoy-oh, and they get a  totally different health care than you and me are allowed.

          • What type of insurence do you have. We pay 20%, plus those with families have to pay $4,000.00 out of pocket before anything starts getting covered in deductibles.  You might want to think before you speak about something you know nothing about.

        • Working 30 to 35 years at the same job is not retiring early.  You assume everyone starts at age 21, not so much anymore folks.

      • 1985panther says:

        Thank you for supporting teachers in this era of teacher-bashing nonsense. The teachers at our district work 183 days, and yes we do put in more than 40 hours per week. You forgot to include the committees we are expected to serve on – unpaid of course. Don’t forget the $200 license renewal and $50-$55 fingerprinting/background check we pay out of pocket. The general public may also need to be enlightened about the fact that teachers don’t receive social security – that’s right – those in the private sector receive their 401k or equivalent upon retirement PLUS social security but not teachers. To add insult to injury, for those teachers who worked in the private sector and paid into social security will not be able to receive the full amount of the social security they paid into the system – look up the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Government Windfall Elimination (WEP).

      • …and we buy school supplies, materials not provided, technology, tissue, paper towels, hand sanitizer, incentives for students, and much much more.  Can you imagine a business man bringing in a box of tissue for all to use?  We even buy cleaning supplies.  Teachers spend a lot of their own money on things not provided.  We are generous with our students.

    • Teachers don’t work for9 months a year.  They work year-round.  When school ends, they almost immediately are working on lesson plans, or gong to school to get current on how to better teach.  That’s an outright falsehood put out by the supporters of taking away workers rights.

      •   There is no more lesson plan.  Its goverment driven.  Heard of no child left behind.

        • Shawnee 4 says:

             If all of you clowns out there think teachers have it so DAMN good doing what they do, go to college and become a teacher, otherwise shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Really? Are you saying teachers do not plan their lessons?  Really? Please come spend ONE day with me.  ONE day.  There are many misconceptions out there.

          Half my paycheck  went to my son’s day care while I was caring for 180 other children.   

      • Go to and see how much teachers in your district make and it will shock you. It also lists how many days they work a year, and most of them work around 183.  Most normal workers get 2 to 3 weeks of vacation and with holidays work normally 250 to 260 days a year, which is around 80 days a year more a normal person works.

        Now allot of them say they work more hours then when they are at school, and while that may be true they would have to work 3.5 extra hours every  day the teacher works to put in as many hours yearly as a average person would to make up for those 80 days, if the average person works only 49 hours a week.  But we know most salaried people work more than 40 hours a week and do stuff like training and classes in their off time just like teachers do, so really, teachers much better off then the average worker is, wether they want to admit it or not.

        As to why there is a shortage of teachers just look at kids today, who in their right mind would want to put up with government bureaucracy along with all those screaming & misbehaving kids very day.  But they still shouldn’t be making more then most others do.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh good Lord! You have no clue about what really goes in to teaching. It should be paid HIGHER than it is because it’s so important, it’s so complex, and the level of responsibility is so high. As one teacher at an anti-SB5 rally had on her sign, “Please care about me as much as I care about your kids.” 

        • How can anyone say teachers make more than MOST others do.  This is an ignorant statement.  More than a grocery clerk or more than a banker?  More than a hospital attendant or more than a doctor?

    • We are paid for 9 months of work, not 12.

  2. Doing away with binding arbitration is a good thing for Ohio taxpayers because it shifts the decision of final contract contents to an unelected individual. It is the executive and legislative branches of government that have the legal responsibilty to make these budgetary decisions. The old labor law undermined this legal responsibility. I know it was done by the politicians of the day in order to buy votes from labor unions. I also know that whenever an arbitrator ruled in favor of the governmental unit that individual was blacklisted by the unions.

    When police and fire personnel go on strike they are violating the oath they took before filling the position. Remember… “to serve and protecy”. Also, in my experience I never negotiated staff levels with the unions, and do not know any governmental unit that did. That makes the ads being run on tv misleading and bordering on being an outright lie.

    In addition, I did not, and do not know of any governmental unit that negotiated how much an employee paid for their health insurance or their contribution toward their pension. I do know that some municipalities, not very many, decided to pick up the employees’ pension share and several do not require employees to pay anything toward their health coverage. This does not mean that SB5 should be repealed, but these items should be looked at as home rule issues and let each governmental unit decide for itself how to handle these issues outside the collective bargaining process. The unions and the Assembly need to make a compromise to bring this approach about. 

    • Sdistario3992 says:

      Vgamble, please stop telling everyone how much you”know.”  You weren’t there so you don’t “know” anything, and you have no proof of any of what you say.   I like how you say you “know” that old labor laws were done to “buy votes,” but you ignore the obvious political reasons for this current law.  Oh, we’re just correcting the mistakes of those bad, old Dems who were just buying votes–Sorry, no sale.  SB5 should be repealed because it goes TOO FAR.  Get it?  Unions know enough to negotiate, but if you take that option away from them, they have zero power.  Unions DO negotiate in good faith and only strike when absolutely necessary, and who said an “unelected official” gets to decide the final contract?  In a negotiation, BOTH sides have to decide.  For someone who has done so much negotiating, you really don’t know how this works, do you?   If you were on the government side and negotiated poorly, whose fault is that?  Your final sentence is particularly hypocritical; you call for “compromise,” but if SB5 passes, the Assembly won’t have to bother compromising with the unions.  They’ll have the legal status to pretty much ignore them.  Nobody’s falling for it, V.   Sell your half-informed reasoning someplace else, thank you.  The ability to negotiate and strike has been proven to be the only way to ensure that working conditions will remain safe and wages will remain fair.  You SB5 supporters all know this.  You know that if you take away the right to bargain and strike, and threaten strikers with criminal prosecution, that our public workers will have minimum safety standards and minimum wages jammed down their throats by every politician looking to score points with the electorate by “cutting costs.”  And it’s all being done to bust the unions for political reasons.  It doesn’t add a job or benefit the economy in any meaningful way to undermine basic “quality of life” services.  It was a politically-motivated bill from the start which makes it “bad” law, which means it has to go.  Here’s a suggestion:  if you want to win elections, try putting together a platform that creates jobs and INCREASES public services instead of making it harder for some people to earn a living and decreasing services.  Voters like that kind of stuff.  We really do.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, Vgamble has no idea what he’s talking about.  Both sides agree on an arbitrator.

    • Tell us exactly when Police and Fire unions have went on strike since 1983?

    • Anonymous says:

      Funny, it’s my 100% DEMOCRAT mayor and city council who fight us tooth and nail when it comes contract time.  Aren’t Democrats the “benefactors” of union votes?

      When was the last time police and or fire in Ohio went on strike?  Your point is not even relevant.  It is illegal, has been for a while.  That’s why binding arbitration exists.

      Unions have compromised.  SB5 is the thanks we get.

  3. John.Q.Taxpayer says:

    No one wants a teacher, policeman or firefighter to go without pay.    I am voting for SB5 to end the abuses.  To stop some individuals from retiring at 50, then getting their old job back and going on to collect two pensions.  To stop the entitlements provided by politicians 30 years ago with free health benefits. 

    We in the private sector have been shouldering this burden for years.  The time has come for our public sector workers to work for us.

    • Well Mr. John Q., Vote to get rid of the perks that our federal and state politicians have voted for them selves, and this nations budget would be a hell of a lot closer to being budgeted, don’t ya think. After all do you get a milage budget to drive to work?
      Our state politician do. Do you get free health care. Hell no. Do you make six figures a year? Don’t think so. Congress men and senators get their full six figure pay for the rest of their lives while stealing from social security and other private retirement funds. Unless you take time to see what goes on behind the scenes in school buildings on a regular basis. You know nothing. Where the money problems lie are at the school board level. Where I work School board personel get at least $80.00
      per meeting and have meetings alot more than once a month. While our contract was being foze because the superintendent said the district was broke, the Treasurer got a $15,000.00 bonus. and the athletic director got a &20,000.00 bonus while the sports teams have to pay to play. Don’t even tell me the problems lay with paying police, fireman and teachers, or support staff for the schools. You are not a policeman standing the line against drugs and crime, your not a fireman running into a burning building to save lives, and the way you are talking you aren’t a teacher. If you want to home school your children be my guest. Don’t even start complaining if someone comes out and says they want to shrink your income, because I won’t listen to you. If you want to spend less tax money for public employees in the school systems take it from people at the top. They are the ones who don’t pay their medical, or retirement but still for the most part make six figure incomes. 

    • another John Q. Taxpayer says:

      SB5 does nothing to prevent “Double Dipping” and we pay for our health benefits.  you might want actually read the bill before you start talking out of your rear end

  4. I.Moved.To.Ohio says:

    Gluttony and corruption by both unions and management (and politicians) must end, if America is to hold title to ( or reclaim) its leadership position. I will vote for SB5 and vote against  scoundrels.

    • Who ever votes for sb-5 will learn in the not so distant future that the next step that our government will take is to erase the unions in orivate industry to help the powers that be , that give the polititains their campaign money. So if you want America to be a third world nation like Obama is trying to succeed in doing go ahead and vote for
      senate bill sb-5. If you people out there want the national budget taken care of do away with the high saleries and free perks that the politicians have voted for them selves. That’s where the buget problems lay.

    • Then you better check out the salaries of Kasich and his cabinet.

  5. Schiciano22 says:

    In every police contract there is a no strike clause. You will never see a police department on strike. We pay for our health care and pension. The police, Firefighters, and teachers are not draining the system. It is the politicians!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I love the idea that we’d be financially sound if it weren’t for those bastards who applied for and got government jobs.  What a joke.

  7. I was a policeman for 32 years in the public housing projects of cleveland. I spent those years in the streets and not behind a desk. I started working at $4.50 an Hour. I retired at $26.30 and hour thanks to my Union and Collective Bargaining. The Political Sub Division I worked for agreed for every benefit I got. A lot of the benefits were already provided for and we did not have to negotiate fo them. Before the recession we had a hard time hiring officers because the projects were considered too dangerious. Any person who had the nerve to make critical remarks about my job was invited to ride along with me. Nobody was brave enough to step up. Now these same people want to take away collective bargaining for cops firemen and teachers who make sacrifices every day to protect and help people. Oh PLEASE !!!

  8. Man are you people who are for SBr insane, look at the bill there is a 57 page analysis of the bill and Kasich and others that support it are donwright lying, red it for yourself. Kasich and his boys have made Ohio the only State in the US who has a liqupr establisment in the State Capitol and Kasich just gave his staff raises, this is ludicrous, they just want to put down the working class and middle income people.  My wife works for the State and has for 23 years, she has always paid for healtcare and her pension is a joke, she make less than 30k a year, look at the administration you will not find anyone making less than 50 or 60 k and most of them get full health care, so beware of the Myth websites, because they are the BS, if you vote be smart and read the issues and bills.


  10. Concerned in Ohio says:

    For all of those who have gotten warnings on traffic stops by police can say bye bye to those. SB5 will make officer pay based on performance and merit. Every officer in Ohio will be citing everyone they stop. And those(officers) who didn’t like traffic enforcement in the past, will be all about working for their raises!!

  11. I welcome any politician into my classroom and then tell me I get paid too much!!!!


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