December 22, 2014

Report: House Bill 5 Impact Analysis

Our latest analysis looks at the potential impact of House Bill 5, legislation pending in the Ohio General Assembly, that could have a major impact on resources available to hundreds of Ohio communities that levy an income tax. When combined with the impact of other state cuts over the past four years, the potential impact to Ohio communities is staggering and could lead to further budget consequences such as service cuts and tax increases.

Bill That Would Reduce Local Revenue Is On Fast Track In Ohio Senate

Legislation on the fast track in the Ohio Senate could cut revenue for local communities already coping with state budget cuts. HB5 will worsen budget shortfalls in Ohio cities and villages, many of which have already gone to voters to increase taxes or cut services. We look at Tuesday’s income tax issues and focus on results in Chillicothe.

Bipartisan Group of Mayors Call for Ohio’s Attacks on Cities to Stop

We recently attended an eye-opening meeting of over a dozen mayors — Republicans and Democrats — from Hamilton County and the editors of the Cincinnati Enquirer to discuss the continued impact of deep cuts to Ohio’s cities and their impact on local services. Learn more about the impact to communities and what IO is doing to analyze the impact of these policies on local services.

Five School Funding Facts All Ohio Voters Need to Know

As voters head to the polls, it’s worth looking back at how the past four years have been for public education in Ohio. Here are our Five School Funding Facts All Ohio Voters Need to Know:

What Do School Performance Index Scores Mean Anyway?

Ever wonder how the state comes up with a Performance Index Score? As part of our work on the Ohio Charter School Accountability Project, we recently published a brief explanation of how the Performance Index Score is calculated and why it is considered to be the key measurement for evaluating schools.