April 19, 2014

Ohio lost jobs in February, lags the nation in job creation

New jobs data shows employment in Ohio dropped last month and the state has grown jobs by a full percentage point less than the nation as a whole since January, 2011.

New Employment Data Shows Ohio Still Underperforming

New jobs data show that Ohio’s employment growth is not as bad as it had looked before, but sits squarely in the middle of the pack among states and lags the nation as a whole.

State of the State: Governor restores school outreach program at 2% of prior funding level

In his State of the State address, Governor Kasich touted his plan to invest $10 million to engage the community in public education. This amounts to just under 2% of the funding a similar program received before he took office.

Nearly $31 Million in Taxpayer Funds Uncollected from Failed Charter Schools

A new report finds that $30.5 million in taxpayer dollars remained uncollected from charter schools that have closed. Our education policy fellow suggests a fix that could better protect taxpayer funds.

Rate of Return: What Will Ohio’s Utilities Get for Campaign Cash?

IO released a study today showing that Ohio’s four electric utility companies have made political campaign contributions totaling nearly $2.7 million since May, 2008, most of which went to Republican legislators and officeholders who are strategically positioned to pass a bill giving the companies a nearly $4 billion windfall at the expense of Ohio consumers.