July 24, 2014

Keary McCarthy Is New President of Innovation Ohio

Today we announced that Keary McCarthy a long- time fixture in Ohio progressive politics, will become our new President and CEO in early August. McCarthy, taking over for IO founder Janetta King, who will retain her role as Chair of the Board.

State Cuts Lead to More School Taxes

Since May, 2011, Ohio taxpayers are paying $670 million more for school operations as a result of continuing state cuts to education, an increase of 34% compared to new levies approved during the same period four years earlier. And over $10 million of that is due to the elimination of property tax relief contained in the most recent Kasich budget.

Short-Changed: How Poor-Performing Charters Cost All Ohio Kids

In a new analysis, Innovation Ohio has found that for the 2012-2013 school year, 52% of state funding went to schools that performed worse than traditional public districts from whom those state funds were redirected. The result is that the students left in Ohio’s traditional public schools receive less support than the state says they need. Get the highlights and full report here.

Ohio lost jobs in February, lags the nation in job creation

New jobs data shows employment in Ohio dropped last month and the state has grown jobs by a full percentage point less than the nation as a whole since January, 2011.

New Employment Data Shows Ohio Still Underperforming

New jobs data show that Ohio’s employment growth is not as bad as it had looked before, but sits squarely in the middle of the pack among states and lags the nation as a whole.