January 31, 2015

Kasich proposes expanded eligibility for child care assistance

In his budget proposal, Governor Kasich says he will propose expanding eligibility for the state’s publicly-funded child care program. As always, the devil is in the details. We ask whether the fix will eliminate the perverse incentives the program creates for working parents to turn down increases in pay or risk losing child care.

Kasich’s Contradiction

Try as he might, no amount of message reframing will change the fact that Governor Kasich’s conservative economic policies hurt poor and middle-class families. If anything, Medicaid expansion is the exception to his new kinder, gentler rhetoric — not the rule.

Ohio Senate Committees to be Led by Mostly White Men

Just a week after we learned that the Ohio House of Representatives will feature men in charge of 21 of 25 committees, Senate Senate President today introduced the team that will head up the chamber’s 21 standing committees, and once again, women and people of color are nearly absent.

Male-Dominated House Leadership Announced

This week, Ohio’s House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger announced who will head up the chamber’s 25 committees that decide which bills will be considered by the body, and the results are not pretty. Only 16% of incoming committee chairmanships will be held by women.

Report: House Bill 5 Impact Analysis

Our latest analysis looks at the potential impact of House Bill 5, legislation pending in the Ohio General Assembly, that could have a major impact on resources available to hundreds of Ohio communities that levy an income tax. When combined with the impact of other state cuts over the past four years, the potential impact to Ohio communities is staggering and could lead to further budget consequences such as service cuts and tax increases.