August 4, 2015

Ohio’s Troubling Achievement Gap: Charter Schools Make it Worse

Late last week, a White House report ranked Ohio’s student achievement gap among the worst in the nation, While much of the difference is due to the high performance of our best performing schools, the gap remains a serious concern. Our analysis shows that Ohio’s charter schools have made the gap worse, not better.

Tell Lawmakers to Pass Meaningful Charter Reform

Ohio charter schools have cost taxpayers and local schools millions and have only resulted in substandard results for our children. Join us in calling on lawmakers to pass real reform before they break for summer.

Ohio may be first state to deny pregnant women healthcare

Governor Kasich may become the first elected official in the nation to eliminate healthcare coverage for low-income pregnant women since the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

E-Schools: Ohio’s Baddest Apples

Ohio’s statewide E-Schools are a major contributor to the overall poor performance of Ohio’s charter sector and are a significant drain on taxpayer funds. Bills being considered in Columbus would help to address poor charter performance, but don’t tackle the glaring need for reform in how the state pays for E-Schools.

Review Finds Women Not Getting Coverage Required by ACA

Women may not be getting the health coverage they were guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act, according to a new report by by the National Women’s Law Center. Innovation Ohio assisted the researchers in addressing problems with Ohio health plans, and the Obama administration is reminding carriers of their obligations under the law.