March 29, 2015

Budget Briefing: Local Impacts

After four years of deep funding cuts, Ohio’s local communities see little relief in Governor Kasich’s proposed 2016-2017 budget. We take a look at the local impacts of the state budget plan.

News Release: The School Funding Squeeze

IO ANALYSIS: THE SCHOOL FUNDING SQUEEZE Factors that squeeze the value of state aid to schools and what can be done to change it COLUMBUS – Innovation Ohio, a progressive policy think tank, released an analysis that examines how over a decade of income tax cuts and increased funding to charter schools have squeezed school […]

Hearings to Start on Proposed Ohio 6-Week Abortion Ban

Tomorrow, Ohio lawmakers will begin debate on a new bill that would ban abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy. And they’re curiously looking to a male committee chairman to do it.

State of the State in Wilmington

Tomorrow, Gov. John Kasich will hold his annual State of the State address in Wilmington. Our latest analysis looks at how Kasich’s policies have impacted this struggling Ohio community. Read more.

Budget Briefing: Proposals Impacting Women

Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget provides additional funding for child care, preschool and maternal health and funds training for public colleges and universities to deal with sexual assaults. But it threatens healthcare coverage for low-income women including those become pregnant or are diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer, puts the employment of thousands of women at risk, and features a tax shift that makes those at lower incomes pay even more.