October 26, 2014

What Do School Performance Index Scores Mean Anyway?

Ever wonder how the state comes up with a Performance Index Score? As part of our work on the Ohio Charter School Accountability Project, we recently published a brief explanation of how the Performance Index Score is calculated and why it is considered to be the key measurement for evaluating schools.

KnowYourCharter.com – New Charter Website Compares Charter And Public Schools

Today we launched a new website for parents, taxpayers and educators that allows detailed comparisons between charter schools and traditional public school districts. The new on-line tool not only provides access to the state’s most recent Report Card information, but improves transparency by aggregating this and other relevant data at a single, easy-to-use website. Previously, locating this data required visiting multiple sites and extracting the information from numerous and often confusing spreadsheets.

State expands charter investigation after IO raises questions about testing

Today, the Ohio Department of Education expanded its investigation into Horizon charter schools, after IO raised questions about test score discrepancies.

State Report Card: Ohio Charters Get More Fs than As, Bs, and Cs Combined

New State Report Cards aren’t great news for Ohio’s embattled charter schools, who received more Fs than As, Bs and Cs combined. Fully 44% of charters received a grade of F, up from 41% last year.

More Ohio Districts Get As on State Report Card Than Any Other Grade

Today saw the release of new state report cards and Ohio school districts received more A’s this year than last and in an improvement over last year, more districts received A’s than any other score.