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· August 26, 2013

Legislation: Ohio House Bill 248 – The Heartbeat Bill

Bill: House Bill 248 (full text, official bill analysis) Title: The Heartbeat Bill Sponsors: Representative Hagan, C. and Representative Wachtmann Cosponsors:  Representatives Adams, J., Adams, R., Beck, Becker, Blair, Blessing, Boose, Brenner, Buchy, Burkley, Butler, Conditt, Derickson, Hackett, Hall, Hayes, Henne, Hill, Hood, Hottinger, Huffman, Johnson, Lynch, Maag, McClain, Retherford, Roegner, Romanchuk, Rosenberger, Ruhl, Schuring, Slaby, Smith, Sprague, Stautberg, Terhar, Thompson, Young Bill Analysis:  This bill would prohibit an abortion of a fetus with a detectable heartbeat. This means abortions as early as six to eight weeks of pregnancy would be prohibited. It creates additional inspections of facilities that perform abortions to ensure that they are in compliance with the reporting requirements set forth in this bill. The bill would also create the Joint Legislative Committee on Adoption Promotion and Support. Status: Introduced in the House August 21, 2013. Received hearings and defeated in the House on December 10, 2014.
House 12/10/2014
Yeas (Anti-Women): 47
Adams J. Adams R. Amstutz Antani
Becker Blessing Boose Brenner
Buchy Burkley Butler Conditt
Damschroder DeVitis Derickson Dovilla
Green Hagan, C. Hall Hayes
Henne Hill Hood Hottinger
Huffman Johnson Landis Lynch
Maag McClain Pelanda Perales
Retherford Roegner Romanchuk Rosenberger
Ruhl Scherer Schuring Smith
Sprague Stautberg Terhar Thompson
Wachtmann  Young Batchelder
Nays (Pro-Women): 40
Anielski Antonio Ashford Baker
Barborak Bishoff Boyce Brown
Carney Celebrezze Cera Clyde
Driehaus Duffey Fedor Foley
Gerberry Gonzales Grossman Hackett
Hagan, R. Heard Kunze Letson
Lundy Mallory McGregor Milkovich
Patterson Phillips Pillich Ramos
Rogers Sears Sheehy Stebelton
Stinziano Strahorn Sykes Winburn

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