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· July 30, 2013

As Budget Goes into Effect, Abortion Clinics Close

The impact of the budget is being felt throughout Ohio as two more abortions clinics are expected to close their doors. The state budget requires abortion clinics to have transfer agreements in place with local hospitals and forbids public universities from entering into this agreement. This regulation is largely designed to make it harder for clinics to operate. In reality, women experiencing medical emergencies can be treated at any hospital, not just the hospital with which the clinic has a transfer agreement. Earlier this summer The Center for Choice, in Toledo, was forced to shut its doors after if was unable to renew its transfer agreement. Later this week Capital Care Women’s Center is expected to close when its transfer agreement with University of Toledo Medical Center expires. The clinic does not anticipate being able to renew its transfer agreement.  This will leave Toledo without an abortion clinic, forcing women to drive to Columbus, Cleveland or Akron is they are in need of an abortion. Another clinic, Capital Care Network of Cuyahoga Falls near Akron, closed in April after failing a state health and safety inspection. This leaves Ohio with three clinics in Columbus, three in Cleveland, two in Cincinnati, one in Akron and one in Dayton. While none of these clinics rely on a transfer agreement with a publicly funded hospital, one clinic in Dayton and one near Cincinnati currently has a waiver in place for their transfer agreements.  Renewal for these waivers is pending at the Ohio Department of Health.  Given a separate budget provision that allows the Director of the Ohio Department of Health to rescind a waiver at any time for any reason, it may be difficult for these clinics to continue to operate.

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