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Innovation Ohio · December 9, 2022

Defend the right to vote in Ohio. Stop HB 458

Ohioans across the political spectrum agree: every eligible citizen should be able to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

House Bill 458 is the opposite of what Ohioans want.

If HB 458 becomes law:

  • Voters will lose access to drop boxes. Boards of Election will be limited to a single drop box location, which is open during business hours only, and can only be used during the early voting period.
  • Voters will lose the freedom to register to vote and/or vote with an alternate form of ID, such as a utility bill, government document, or paycheck.
  • Most voters will lose the freedom to vote provisionally with the last four digits of their social security number.
  • Voters will be punished by slow mail delivery. Absentee ballots will be thrown out if they are not received by the end of Election Day. This even applies to overseas and military voters.
  • Voters will be forced to provide a strict photo ID to vote, whether voting by absentee ballot, or in person on Election Day, or provisionally.
  • Most August special elections will be eliminated, which harms our local school districts.

This bill is a clear and direct attack on millions of people’s voting rights. 

HB 458 is destructive and completely unnecessary. A solution looking for a problem. It only hurts Ohioans’ ability to participate in their democracy.

Elected officials should be making voting easier for all eligible voters, not harder.

Help stop this devastating bill. Contact these state officials. Remind them Ohio is watching.

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