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Rachel Coyle · September 24, 2021

Ohioans Call on Congress to Pass Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Plan

COLUMBUS — Yesterday, Innovation Ohio, Ohio’s progressive politics and policy hub, partnered with local organizations and elected officials for a press conference in Cincinnati urging Congress to pass President Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

“President Biden’s plan will NOT raise taxes on people like you and me. In fact, it will cut taxes for 50 million families and 4 million small businesses. What is Congress waiting for?” said Desiree Tims, President and CEO of Innovation Ohio.

This press event was part of a nationwide week of action being planned by the organization Tax March. It specifically targeted Republican Congressman Steve Chabot, urging him to support the president’s full agenda, including the bipartisan infrastructure deal and the reconciliation package. 

“The Build Back Better Agenda is about giving everyone a chance, It’s about leveling the playing field and ensuring that those who have prospered — the wealthiest and profitable corporations — pay their fair share so working families, care workers, teachers, firefighters, and nurses get a fighting chance…we’re calling on Steve Chabot to step up and do the right thing. There isn’t a moment to waste. America needs the Build Back Better agenda now,” said Kobie Christian, Communications Director at For Our Future Ohio.

President Biden’s Build Back Better package will:

  • lower prescription drug prices
  • expand Medicare coverage for seniors to include dental, vision, and hearing coverage
  • provide paid family and medical leave
  • establish a universal Pre-K program
  • provide tax breaks for clean energy
  • expand the Child Tax Credit for most families with children.

“It’s time we reset our economy so it works for working people, and not the other way around. It’s time we got our house in order!” said Brian Griffin, Executive Secretary — Treasurer, Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council

IO has also purchased digital ads and a mobile billboard urging passage of President Biden’s agenda. The mobile billboard drove across Congressional District 1 throughout the day on September 23rd, and served as the backdrop for the outdoor press event.

“We’ve all been stuck in traffic jams on the Brent Spence bridge. It’s crumbling. It’s dangerous. It struggles to handle about twice as many vehicles every day as it was designed for.  Cincinnati cannot wait any longer — we need the bipartisan infrastructure deal now,” said State Representative Catherine Ingram. “ We also need Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan to pass through reconciliation. It will invest in our children from pre-k through higher education. It will lower child care costs and make high quality, universal preschool a reality for families throughout Ohio. This is a worthwhile investment that will benefit our society and our economy for generations to come.”

President Biden’s plan could be fully paid for by:

  • increasing taxes on the top 2% of income earners
  • raising taxes on those earning over $1 million a year from selling stocks and bonds (known as capital gains)
  • raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%
  • cracking down on tax evasion

Innovation Ohio urges Ohioans to contact their member of Congress, as well as Senator Rob Portman, to demand passage of President Biden’s full Build Back Better package through reconciliation. 

Tell them: I’m not a big corporation. I’m an Ohioan who lives in your district. And the Build Back Better plan would help my community.

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