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· January 12, 2012

Innovation Ohio Maps Budget Cuts by County

For Immediate Release: January 12, 2012
Contact: Dale Butland, 614-783-5833

Innovation Ohio Maps Budget Cuts by County
Interactive Website Map Shows School, LGF, Estate Tax and TPP Losses

Columbus: Innovation Ohio, a progressive think tank headquartered in Columbus, posted an interactive map on its website today showing an estimate of how many dollars each Ohio county has lost due to the policies of the Kasich Administration. By running a cursor over the map, viewers can see total dollar losses for all 88 Ohio counties. The map is accompanied by a chart which breaks the losses down into school cuts, cuts to local government funds, dollars lost through the elimination of the estate tax, and dollars lost through elimination of reimbursements for the tangible personal property tax (TPP). Both the map and the chart can be accessed here. Said Innovation Ohio President Janetta King: “When Gov. Kasich boasts about balancing the state budget without raising taxes, he always forgets to mention that it came at a terrible cost for schools, local governments, and all Ohioans who depend on these services. The interactive map we’ve posted on our website allows local taxpayers to see just how steep those costs really are and how heavy a burden their Governor has given them. “Gov. Kasich and his legislative allies have left Ohioans with two options: either figure out how to replace those lost revenues or do without many of the essential services they depend on. Nor can we look to Columbus for help; the Governor’s made it clear that local schools, public officials and taxpayers are entirely on their own. “So day after day and week after week, communities from one end of Ohio to the other are being forced to cut important school services, layoff public safety workers, or put new local levies on the ballot. The saddest part is that it didn’t have to be this way. Like all states, Ohio was in a financial bind due to the worst economy since the Great Depression. And yes, balancing the state budget required sacrifice. But instead of insisting on a shared sacrifice, Gov. Kasich and his allies chose to blame public workers and put the burden entirely on the middle class, while exempting millionaires and billionaires from any sacrifice at all. For big business, campaign contributors and the wealthiest Ohioans, there were no budget cuts, only more tax cuts. “If you don’t know how damaging the Kasich Administration’s policies have been to you and your county, find out by going to the Innovation Ohio website. But take a deep breath before you do.”


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